12pks of Floridas Finest hemp

12oz Sleek Cans


Our Handcrafted Sparkling Tea with Natural Probiotics is Brewed to be Clean, Crisp, Bubbly & Refreshing - the way it should be!


A revitalizing drink with thirst-quenching satisfaction.


We added a hint of Ginger & Lime and an exotic effervescence to create an unforgettably addictive flavor.


The natural probiotics help to calm the stomach, aid in digestion and balance the microbiome.


You’re just a sip away from our Florida Beaches, Sunshine & Tropical Vibes.It’s a Vacation in a Can, & YOU Deserve It! #VacationInACan


Tastes Great!


We believe we have perfected the finest tasting kombucha in the world, not just Florida.We use a proprietary blend of premium-sourced ingredients to achieve the very best taste.


Lightly flavored! We only have one flavor and it naturally occurs from the juicing of organic limes and organic ginger. It is not overpowering in anyway and it provides just enough of a natural pleasant aroma and balanced natural taste.


Most people find it more refreshing than water!


Described by many as energy boosting and stimulating to the senses.


It is filtered for clarity to remove any residue from the natural brewing process.


If you are looking to take the edge off with something that tickles the taste buds, then… “Reach for the Beach”! #ReachForTheBeach

12pk of Floridas Finest Hemp


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