About Moe's Kombucha

 Kombucha is a bubbly & tangy lightly fermented green tea. To begin, we use organic cane sugar and organically sourced green tea leaves for brewing our tea. It is then fermented with our SCOBY(s). a SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast that give our kombucha very beneficial live probiotics! Probiotics help support a healthy digestive system. 


As we developed this spectacular Kombucha, we tried countless recipes and process variations using just the natural tea flavor. We estimate over 300 different batches were brewed before arriving at today’s top secret recipe. At Moe’s, we mix the finest ingredients in precise quantities at exactly the right time.  Our small batch brewing ensures accurate control of temperatures and precise mastery of the fermenting environment. The result is a refreshingly light sparkling tea beverage with no additives, chemicals or preservatives.

You may ask why Moe's Kombucha has no added flavors.. Unlike other Kombucha brands, Moe’s doesn’t need to use extra sugar or flavors.  At Moe’s, the flavor is brewed in, not added.  

Our Kombucha is...

  • Only available fresh from the tap for best quality & taste.

  • Kept cold & sealed under pressure until it hits your glass.

  • Loaded with active probiotics and antioxidants.

  • Often used for digestive health and immune system function.

  • Low sugar, only 40 calories per 8 ounces

  • non-alcoholic, contains only trace amounts of alcohol.

  • Gluten Free, unpasteurized.

  • Made with no artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Made with love, locally.

"So try some of our delicious Kombucha,

feel free to stop by our brewery for a free sample or to just say hi." 

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